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Rates and Fees for North Tampa Management

Rates charged for property management in North Tampa can vary widely. The nature of your home, the difficulty in leasing, the challenges with maintenance, the quality of your tenant... all these factors will influence your management rate.

Your home may be a low-income property, but unfortunately that doesn't mean that your fees will be low. Often a low income home is much more challenging to manage than a luxury home and rates must be adjusted accordingly.

Here are some price ranges to consider:

Leasing fees for North Tampa Property Management range from 50% of first month rent to 100% of full month's rent. Why the wide range? Sometimes a property is harder to rent; sometimes the rent price is too low to adequately compensate for leasing activities. Sometimes special marketing is required. These factors and others may influence the price that you're quoted to lease your home.

Management fees range from 8% to 12% of collections. The more work that's required to manage the property and the tenant, the higher the management fee charged.

Renewal fees range from 20%-30%. Sometimes owner object to paying renewal fees. But we suggest that an owner should want to incentivize renewal. The opposite of renewal is cancellation and releasing, and a releasing commission is always more expensive than a renewal commission. Plus agents routinely get rent increases and improvement in lease terms upon renewal. So this is a fee that should be expected for Tampa Bay properties.


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