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Submarkets within North Tampa

North Hillsborough County

With its dense urban and suburban neighborhoods, north Hillsborough County is as diverse as it is large. A special kind of property manager with well-honed skills and street-smart ways is needed to succeed in this urban property management market.

Special care should be given to ensuring that you have a keen understanding of the neighborhoods and streets that make up North Hillsborough County before you choose to invest in this area, and certainly before you select your property manager.

Watch for streets that contain low-income, high crime demographics on one end and tony upscale neighborhoods on the other.

Recognize that although the University of South Florida is a big player in this sub market, but it is located on the outskirts of one of the highest-crime areas in the city. Also remember that high-traffic corridors leading to the areas largest employers run through low-income neighborhoods. These two factors mean that you cannot rely on the quality of an investment just because it's within close proximity to large stabilizing factors - you have to trust local property managers who have experience with managing in these unique areas to give you straight answers about the pros and cons of any potential address.

We manage more apartments and homes in North Hillsborough County than any other player. Trust us to tell you what you need to know and to share our unique market-based insight with you so that your prospective and existing real estate investments can be managed with as much relevant, street-smart advice as possible.


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